In General

German Boxers are lovable clowns and will join in everything with excitement.

Despite their size, they are very cuddly and think themselves to be lapdogs enjoying to share the bed of their owners.

Indoors, they are mostly calm, easy-going and friendly towards children and guests. This does not exclude a certain alertness, of course.

Outside, they really do not miss a trick, are very lively and playful. Because of they vivacity connected with size and strength, it is absolutely advisable to train the dog’s basic obedience in things as, for example, "Sit!", "Lay down!", "Stay!", "Come here!" and "Walk on my side!" For that purpose, the German Boxer Club - Boxer Klub e.V. Sitz München – offers a network of local groups covering the needs. Interested dog owners are competently instructed there and for members of the club, this service even is for free.

Due to the short coat, the care does not mean much effort. They are brushed quickly and wiped clean and dry in no time at all if it should be wet and uncomfortable outside.

In our point of view, Boxers are not in good keeping when they are constantly kept outside in a kennel, a backyard, or are chained somewhere. A person who is unable to see a family member in them, should perhaps not even think about owning one.

Before purchasing a Boxer, you should make yourself aware of the fact that nowadays, there are quite a lot people who do not like dogs respectively are afraid of them. Some are of the opinion that dogs do not have a place in our modern urban society anymore. So, it is even more important to not attract attention if possible and to only leave a positive impression.