About Us

We are living in a house on the outskirts of Berlin and share it currently with two dogs, ten snakes, three guinea pigs, several rats, various leopard geckos and fishes.

While the love of dogs was already inhered in Viviane, Dirk first had to be convinced that a life without dogs actually is no life at all.

The first two years of their marriage, Viviane was occupied with convincing Dirk of owning a dog and of agreeing with him on a breed that would be suited to them.

Right from the beginning, it was clear that it should be a bitch. Furthermore, she should be athletic, vivacious, funny, of medium height, short-haired and also of a strong built.

Although there exist so many breeds in the world, there are unfortunately not that many which accomplish all those criteria and ARE NOT listed in any of those famous respectively notorious lists of dangerous breeds. As we were still living in a rented flat at this time, also the house owner had to agree with us on the choice of our favourite breed. After a long period of going forth and back and of visiting for several times areas where free movement of dogs is allowed – only in order to observe different dogs -, we decided us for purchasing a yellow German Boxer bitch.

But things went different: in the summer of 1997, all coloured bitches in Berlin and the state of Brandenburg already were promised to others. As we were only looking for a buddy and companion dog, our decision went to the white "Rieke vom Bullengraben", a wrong-coloured bitch with prohibition to participate in breeding and showing.

We did not even know before that white Boxers do exist and were completely enchanted by that little pink puppy. We visited Rieke every week until she finally went home with us at the age of 8 weeks. And for the 9 years to come, she enriched our lives and accompanied us in almost everything.

Her breeders draw our attention to the German Boxer Club and we became members. Viviane regularly trained Rieke on the dog’s training ground and also participated in competitions until at the age of 2,5 years a severe spondylosis was diagnosed with Rieke. That set an abrupt end to her sporting career. Even though there were no possibilities to take part in any dog sport, Rieke still led a happy life.

Her sudden and unexpected death in the summer of 2006 left us and our Boston Terrier Garbo incredibly upset. We quickly got aware of the fact that a life without a Boxer for us not is a life at all anymore.

While looking for a new family member, this time it was clear for us that we absolutely wanted a puppy in show quality and with breeding prospect which also should have a disposition for dog sports because Viviane did want to participate in the training organised by the club once again.

After a long and intensive research, in September 2006 the gold-brindled “Elmira vom Ostenmeer“ moved in and since then is keeping us on the go.

Elmira is already through all three health tests of the BK and is free off hip dysplasia (HD=A1) as well as spondylosis (SP=0) and also diagnosed completely free on inherited heart diseases (HZ=0).

In relation to dog sports, she also has accomplished our expectations if not even having exceeded them. So we asked the BK München e. V. for permisson to breed Boxers under the kennel name Vivid Gem's, too. Since September 18th 2008 our kennel is officially confirmed by the BK.