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05-01-2007 Schaumburg Barbara Murray, GB youth class VG 4

9 months, elegant, exterior line a bit belittled by the slightly long back, upper arm could be longer, hindquarters strong and with good angulation, breed-typical head but could be bulged better on the top, correct position of teeth, wide nose, movement with good reach

07-01-2007 Zerbst Wilfried Nöthlich, D youth class VG 1 - Bronze Club Medal

Tall, red-gold brindled. Typey head; strong muzzle; dark eye, mask should be darker underneath the eyes; very good chops; even position of teeth. Neck well carried, a little bit rangy, very good depth of chest. Very good angulation of forelegs and hindquarters. Sound gait.

07-13-2007 Königs Wusterhausen Brigitte Müller, D open class VG

Of medium height, gold-brindled. Upper head of slender and dry shape, dark eyes. Correct length of muzzle, should be fleshier underneath the eyes and nose could be turned up a bit more. Position of teeth of medium width. Body almost square, having a very good neck. Regular angulations, back less sturdy. Sound and lively gait.